Storytelling for Business

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Why Everyone Benefits When Leaders Tell Their Stories

Whether you’re a leader or you work closely with one, this session teaches you how to connect with people through the immense power of story. Drawing from his new book Storytelling for Business – The Art and Science of Creating Connection in the Digital Age, Rob has crafted an interactive leadership storytelling session where you will:

  • Learn how to use Rob’s Does it Matter Matrix? to assess what leadership stories are worth telling or tanking
  • Learn how Rob’s three-point Leader Meter moves leaders from thinking about telling their stories to getting leaders actively involved in creating them

  • Learn the most effective strategies to share leaders’ stories (internally and externally)

  • Learn how to measure leaders’ storytelling initiatives

  • Learn why storytelling is scientifically proven to connect people essential to your organization’s success

  • Learn Rob’s top five Lessons Learned in leadership storytelling

  • And much more!


Messaging for the Mainstream

Depending on your industry, communicating with the appropriate level of technical language to your key stakeholders ensures that consistent and accurate terminology is understood. While your lexicon ultimately serves the highest standards of quality, the terminology and jargon utilized can make it difficult to understand for the mainstream, including the media – an essential stakeholder that often disseminates your public affairs’ initiatives. In Messaging for the Mainstream, you will:

  • Learn what makes a compelling message that influences people

  • Learn what strategies balance the integrity of your profession’s terminology with simplifying your messaging for external audiences
  • Learn Rob’s three-point Message Making structure for drafting messaging

  • Learn how to assess what words work well for messaging (and what words don’t)

  • Learn Rob’s Pick-a-Platform matrix that helps you pick the right messaging medium

  • Learn that how you deliver your messaging is as important as what you’re saying

  • Learn how to communicate your most important messages without ever saying a word

  • Learn the science behind communicating your messages

  • And much more!


How Telling Your Story Can Grow Your Business and Unite Your Industry

Truly effective businesses and organizations are often only as good as their contributing members and partners. With competing interests, especially for business, members can inadvertently act as an adversary rather than an ally. In How Telling Your Story Can Grow Your Business and Unite Your Industry, you will:

  • Learn why you and your business are stronger when you participate in shaping and sharing storytelling initiatives, even with competitors

  • Learn how to avoid competing interests that can harm your business, your association, and your industry

  • Learn how you can harness your advocacy initiatives in alignment with your stories

  • Learn why telling difficult stories is not only necessary, but your responsibility

  • Learn how to incorporate your messaging into your business to support your association or industry

  • Learn proven advocacy strategies that can unify your industry and increase external support

  • Learn how to identify and tell mutually beneficial stories with Rob’s easy-to-implement Story Selector

  • And much more!


From Start to Finish: How to Complete a Business Book That's Right for You, Your Business, and Your Leader

Have you ever wanted to explore writing a book about your business or organization? Are you a leader wanting to give back and codify your hard-earned lessons learned for future generations of teams? As a storytelling tool, a business book captures the essence of an organization creatively and comprehensively in a way few, if any, other mediums can. Furthermore, business books have a cachet that immediately impresses external and internal stakeholders, showcases culture, and galvanizes vision —a detailed road map, if you will, of where you’ve come from and where you’re going.

However, without genuine storytelling, humility, and transparency, many company business books can be viewed as “corporate propaganda” or “puff pieces”, and don’t get read. While showcasing success is important, people already know your success stories; what they really want to know is how you got there—from bouncing back from epic failures to surviving crushing factors beyond your control, and more!

In From Start to Finish, you will:

  • Learn to articulate and assess your “why”, as in, why do you want to invest in a book for your business or leader

  • Learn to how curate and identify meaningful stories to include or assess if some are better off to exclude
  • Learn how to get organizational buy-in across the board

  • Learn how to create a realistic, yet targeted critical path to keep your manuscript on time, especially with multiple internal and external stakeholders and competing interests

  • Learn about my “Step Up” outline process that gives you at-a-glance, real-time progress updates that keeps you motivated and on-track

  • Learn how to research efficiently, avoiding endless hours of curating facts, figures, and content that will never end up in your business book

  • Learn how to embrace the grind of writing on days (and there will be many) where you just can’t get yourself to write (Teaser: this is the secret ingredient that will take your manuscript from start to finish)

  • Learn how to assess what style of book best suits your business, leader, or both

  • Learn how to research a large body of research, synthesizing it into what you need, if that’s required

  • Learn how to assess who is the best author to write the manuscript. Is it you, your leader, or a hired writer or ghost writer

  • Learn how to find and build a manuscript team

  • Learn how to examine if working with a publisher is right for you

  • Learn about self-publishing and hybrid options

  • And more!



Download and print this page

Coaching and Counsel now Available

If your business storytelling requires an in-depth and experienced perspective, Rob is avaliable for Coaching and Counsel sessions for one-on-one, leadership team, and small group sessions.


Special Pricing for Rob’s Books

Many of the case studies and lessons shared in Rob’s sessions are covered in greater detail in Rob’s Storytelling for Business book, which serves as that perfect take-away for participants wanting more! Special pricing is available for bulk orders.