Storytelling for Business

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How Everyone Benefits When Leaders Tell Their Stories

Whether you’re a leader or you work closely with one, this session teaches you how to connect with people through the immense power of story. Drawing from his new book Storytelling for Business – The Art and Science of Creating Connection in the Digital Age, Rob has crafted an interactive leadership storytelling session where you will:

  • Learn how to use Rob’s Does it Matter Matrix? to assess what leadership stories are worth telling or tanking
  • Learn how Rob’s three-point Leader Meter moves leaders from thinking about telling their stories to getting leaders actively involved in creating them

  • Learn the most effective strategies to share leaders’ stories (internally and externally)

  • Learn how to measure leaders’ storytelling initiatives

  • Learn why storytelling is scientifically proven to connect people essential to your organization’s success

  • Learn Rob’s top five Lessons Learned in leadership storytelling

  • And much more!


Are You an Association Ally or Adversary?

Truly effective associations are often only as good as their contributing members. With competing interests, especially for business, members can inadvertently act as an association adversary rather than an ally. In Are You an Association Ally or Adversary?, you will:

  • Learn why you and your business are stronger when you participate in shaping your association’s advocacy initiatives, including public affairs and communications

  • Learn how to avoid competing interests that can harm your business, your association, and your industry

  • Learn how you can harness your association’s advocacy initiatives in alignment with your stories

  • Learn how to incorporate your association’s messaging into your business to support your industry

  • Learn proven association advocacy strategies that unify members and increase external support

  • And much more!


Get The Message, Get What You Want

Are you selling a product or service or are you influencing people to take a specific action to support your cause? How you craft and deliver your messaging will ultimately determine if you succeed or fail. In Get the Message, Get What You Want, you will:

  • Learn what makes a compelling message that influences people

  • Learn Rob’s three-point Message Making structure for drafting messaging

  • Learn how to assess what words work well for messaging (and what words don’t)

  • Learn Rob’s Pick-a-Platform matrix that helps you pick the right messaging medium

  • Learn that how you deliver your messaging is as important as what you’re saying

  • Learn how to communicate your most important messages without ever saying a word

  • Learn the science behind communicating your messages

  • And much more!


PR for GR

Few stakeholder groups monitor and measure the media more than government agencies, political parties, and their leaders. If your goal is to influence all levels of government by working with the media, then PR for GR (public relations for government relations) is for your business or organization. In PR for GR, you will:

  • Learn why media coverage is extremely important for government entities

  • Learn what tools and tactics governments utilize to monitor issues and ideas in the media

  • Learn how to work with the media in a mutually beneficial way to influence leaders in government

  • Learn how to assess when to escalate or de-escalate your PR for GR strategies

  • Learn proven PR for GR strategies that directly or indirectly engage media and government stakeholders

  • Learn Rob’s top five Lessons Learned from PR for GR campaigns

  • And much more!


Small Business Story, Big Business Opportunity

Nothing quite captures the imagination of people like the spirit of a small business owner. And behind every small business owner is one remarkable story. Before people purchase your products or choose to work with you, they want to know more about you and why you do what you do. They want to know your story. Do you know how to tell it? In Small Business Story, Big Business Opportunity, you will:

  • Learn how to identify and tell stories about your business with Rob’s easy-to-implement Story Selector

  • Learn what tools your business needs to tell its stories using Rob's Constant Content assessment

  • Learn how to build your own “media network”

  • Learn from Rob’s Pick-a-Platform matrix that helps you pick the right messaging medium

  • Learn how to amplify your story with the mainstream media

  • Learn how to measure if your small business story is succeeding

  • Learn how to identify, empower, and prepare the right people to tell your small business story

  • Learn how to recover when storytelling doesn’t always go as planned

  • Learn Rob’s top five storytelling structures that can easily be adapted for your story

  • And much more!



One-on-One and Small Group Sessions Available

If you’d like Rob’s Storytelling for Business offerings for one-on-one or small group sessions, contact Rob to learn more...


Special Pricing for Rob’s Book

Many of the case studies and lessons shared in Rob’s sessions are covered in greater detail in Rob’s new book, which serves as that perfect take-away for participants wanting more! Special pricing is available for bulk orders.