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Storytelling for Business Sessions


  • How Everyone Benefits When Leaders Tell Their Stories

  • Messaging for the Mainstream

  • How Telling Your Story Can Grow Your Business and Unite Your Industry

  • From Start to Finish: How to Complete a Business Book That's Right for You, Your Business, and Your Leader

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Active Media Relations Sessions


  • Reactive Media Relations (media contacts you)

  • Proactive Media Relations (you contact the media)

  • Interactive Media Relations (media interviews you)



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Speaking Demo.

Customizable Content


Storytelling for Business: The art and science of creating connection in the digital age


All of Rob’s Storytelling for Business and Active Media Relations sessions are completely customizable for your organizational training, events, and conferences, both in person and virtually. As Rob believes the best subject matter experts are always in the audience, he incorporates in-session LIVE Q&A, and relentlessly researches relevant and relatable case studies that spark thought-provoking conversation and ideas. Rob's sessions are complemented by real-world experience and best practices adapted from Rob's new book, Storytelling for Business: The Art and Science of Creating Connection in the Digital Age