Storytellers Circle (Tom Layer interview)

Tom Layer of Onclusive speaks to Rob Wozny about earned media metrics.

Telling your business story is one thing, understanding if it was successful in supporting the objectives of your business or organization is another. In a sea of online media metrics, it's easy for business storytellers to drown in the data. However, you don't need all kinds of key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure your success and demonstrate return on investment (ROI) to your leaders or customers.  In a brief, but informative one-on-one interview with Rob Wozny, Tom Layer, a leading subject matter expert in the areas of media measurement and monitoring shares:

  • How to get started in measuring your business storytelling

  • What is earned, owned, and paid media

  • Why earned media should be closely scrutinized

  • What are the trends in business storytelling measurement

  • And more!

Here's a short video clip from the full interview with Tom Layer.

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