Can a business book work for your organization?


Jeanne Martinson inteviews Rob Wozny about I'm Just Gerry.


By Rob Wozny, SCMP

Since I’m Just Gerry was released in October 2024, some of the top questions I receive regularly about writing this business book include “what was it like to write it for a company?”, “has the book been successful?”, and “why would a company release it publicly?”. To answer those questions and more, I encourage you to invest 20 minutes watching an interview with the book’s publisher, Jeanne Martinson. She interviews all her authors for her regular Zoom series, and I was honoured to be her guest.  In the interview, you will learn:

  • Why a company-owned business book has an elevated level of cachet over other storytelling mediums

  • Why internal stakeholders embraced the book more than anticipated

  • Why it was a challenging, but worthwhile endeavour

  • Why a business book for your company may or may not be a fit for your organization

  • Why you need buy-in from your company’s leadership

  • How my first business book is a natural precursor to I’m Just Gerry

  • And more!

If you have any additional questions after watching the interview, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m grateful for all the support I received from others while researching and writing I’m Just Gerry, and I’m happy to pay it forward. Did you know that all net proceeds from book sales of I'm Just Gerry will flow directly to The Price Family Foundation


Click the video screenshot above or THIS LINK to watch Jeanne's interview with me on YouTube.