I'm Just Gerry - Like an Ant on a Blueberry Pie (Building a Forever Company the Price Way)



I'm Just Gerry - Like and Ant on a Blueberry Pie book cover and held in hand.


"For entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders seeking affirmation that there are no shortcuts on the path to finding success in business." ~ Rob Wozny



Gerry Price with Rob Wozny holding copies of I'm Just Gerry - Like an Ant on a Blueberry Pie.

Gerry Price (pictured with Rob Wozny) grew Price Industries into a prairie powerhouse, expanding successfully from Canada into the United States and establishing a presence with operations around the world. Taking the company with its sales of $30 million to over $1 billion was not easy, but driven by innovation and a desire to serve others, Gerry Price survived remarkable setbacks to find a way. I'm Just Gerry tells the story and chronicles the timeline of Price Industries' ascension from the hinterland to the promised land, as it strives to become a forever company, guided by the 13 Tenets that make up the Price Way. All net proceeds from book sales of I'm Just Gerry will flow directly to the Price Family Foundation.

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