Active Media Relations

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Reactive Media Relations

(Media contacts you)

It’s in the middle of a busy workday at your business, and one of your staff comes to you to explain that a reporter is waiting on the line to talk to the owner or organizational leader. Or, perhaps that reporter, with a cameraperson, is standing in your lobby.  What do you do?

In Reactive Media Relations, you will:

  • Learn what to do when the media approaches your business.

  • Learn why you don’t always need to respond to media inquiries.

  • Learn how to amplify the story of your business with unexpected media inquiries (if you choose).

Additionally, you will:

  • Learn the mainstream media’s role in influencing social media and how that affects your business and industry.

  • Learn why “mainstream” media no longer represents just traditional news platforms.

  • Learn what a crisis means for your business, how to survive it, and mitigate the risk of other crisis scenarios.


Proactive Media Relations Session

(You contact the media)

Your business has meaningful and interesting stories to share with the people that matter most to your success. Though like many businesses, your reach to get the word out may be limited. Through proactive media relations and strategies, many organizations find it rewarding to partner with the media, enticing them to tell your stories. Ideally, you want to positively leverage the media’s traditional and online channels of communication, but you want to avoid any negative missteps that could have the opposite effect. How do you start, where do you finish, and how do you know you have succeeded?

In Proactive Media Relations, you will:

  • Learn how to amplify the story of your business by proactively engaging with the media.

  • Learn how to determine when are the right (and wrong) times to proactively enter the media’s agenda.

  • Learn how to build better relationships with mainstream and non-mainstream media influencers by knowing what stories they want to tell, how they want to tell them, and when they want to tell them.

Additionally, you will:

  • Learn what optimal key performance indicators (KPIs) are right for your business to measure the success of working with the media Hint: It’s not earned media.

  • Learn what platforms your business can access. Hint: they’re not as intimidating as you may think!


Interactive Media Relations

(Media interviews you)

Whether the media contacts you (Reactive) or you engage the media (Proactive) to tell the story of your business, you’re most likely going to do an interview. How do you prepare for media interviews and what do you say and not say?

In Interactive Media Relations, you will:

  • Learn the best environment for you to perform in a media interview to tell your story. Hint: it doesn’t always need to be directly with the reporter.

  • Learn how to look and sound your best in an on-camera mock media interview.

  • Learn about the latest tools and technology employed by the media, especially over the past couple of years.

  • Learn how to craft compelling key messages, and deliver them so they don’t sound rehearsed

Additionally, you will:

  • Learn why the obvious spokesperson for your organization isn’t always the best spokesperson.

  • Learn how to safely engage with the media on social media.


Download and print this page

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