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How we engage with business storytelling...

"Research shows that our brains think of companies not as objects but as people. Every time someone engages with your brand, they are asking you: 'So tell me about your yourself.'" ~ Harvard Business Review

Stories stick with us...

"Stories are remembered up to 22 times more than facts alone...studies show that if you share a story, people are often more likely to be persuaded." ~ Stanford Women in Leadership

Storytelling is strategy...

"Storytelling is an essential strategy for the communication of new ideas because people are more engaged and inspired by information presented through compelling narratives." ~ The Disney Institute

CAAA / MAAA Testimonial

"As a keynote speaker at our annual general meeting, Rob Wozny shared his knowledge and insight about media relations and storytelling. He is a professional speaker I'd strongly recommend for any organization wanting to learn more about working with the media and how to tell your story. Impressed by his real-life experience as both a spokesperson and a former senior journalist, we booked Rob for our national conference."

Mike Alarie, Past President

Canadian Aerial Applicators Association (CAAA), Manitoba Aerial Applicators Association (MAAA)

MCSC Testimonial

“Working in an extremely competitive industry sector, learning about the immense power of storytelling is an invaluable resource to recruit and retain tradespeople. In his Storytelling for Business workshops, Rob Wozny worked closely with our team to share how we can harness our stories to attract people into careers in trades and strengthen our relationships with important stakeholders.”

Carol Paul, Executive Director
Manitoba Construction Sector Council

Pharmacists Manitoba Testimonial

"Rob Wozny provided an excellent Active Media Relations training session for the board of directors for Pharmacists Manitoba. His experience in content marketing, journalism, and public relations provided a perspective that was relevant and educational. The training was incredibly helpful and presented in a professional and positive manner.​"

Jill Ell, Chief Operating Officer
Pharmacists Manitoba

The latest news & content

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Now available online and in bookstores!

Storytelling for Business: The art and science of creating connection in the digital age

From mega-large corporations to tiny start-ups, every…. single…. business always has a story to tell. Before people choose to buy your product or service, or respond to a call to action, they need to understand how you will solve their problem or fulfil their needs. Storytelling for Business: The Art and Science of Creating Connection in the Digital Age reveals why storytelling remains the most impactful way to create a meaningful and sustainable connection with the people who matter the most to your business, and how to tell YOUR story well.

Published by Practical Inspiration Publishing and 2023 Finalist for the Business Book Awards, Storytelling for Business is availabe everywhere great business books are sold online and instore.